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The Good Doctor Season 1
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The story of a young talented physician with a savant syndrome with unique abilities - incredible memory and fantastic sensitivity to problems flashing inside the human body. The hero becomes a brilliant surgeon, despite the fact that in his personal development his development corresponds to the development of a ten-year-old child ...

Episodes: 1-18 of 18 full added 18 episodes

Year of manufacture: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: drama, medicine
Duration: ~ 42 min.

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The protagonist is a young and talented doctor, ready to help people in any situation. The work is complicated by the presence of the Savant syndrome, manifested in the absence of feelings for people. Since childhood, he dreamed of becoming a surgeon, dreamed of saving lives. The Good Doctor Season 1 Torrent He dreamed of how to quickly help people, pulling heavy patients from the other world. Long-term studies, excellent grades helped him to find a prestigious clinic located in a provincial town. His work in patients does not cause complaints, but solid doctors say that a young man can not work with them. They explain this by having a serious diagnosis, but Sean in practice proves that this disease does not interfere with his work. The Good Doctor Season 1 Torrent.

The Good Doctor Season 1 Torrent It remains only to prove to skeptical doctors - colleagues that he is capable of much. He is already on his way to realizing his dream, but the problem of the past is emerging. The young man was brought up in a poor family of workers. The father beat the mother and children quite often, his illness could have caused those beatings. Now he feels that he can not be in the places of a large congestion of people, he has no friends, he eschews society. But he has tremendous natural talent, the desire to achieve the set goals. The Good Doctor Season 1 Torrent If it were not for the guardian who is helping the young man in everything, then his dreams would remain unrealized.

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A graduate of the medical university, a young, ambitious Martin, is waiting for a doctor's career. He thought that due to his brilliant knowledge and skills he would quickly gain authority both among colleagues and patients. But the reality turned out to be much more severe - other doctors are making fun of them, and patients are rude. The Good Doctor Season 1 Torrent Martin did not dream of such a career. The Good Doctor Season 1 Torrent And one day, a young, attractive girl, Dayan, comes to him for treatment.

She has an uncomplicated kidney disease, so she will not stay in the hospital for a long time, a maximum of several weeks. The Good Doctor Season 1 Torrent During this period the doctor and the patient manage to establish confidential, friendly relations. However, on the day of discharge, The Good Doctor Season 1 Torrent Martin does not find Dayan in his hospital bed ...

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