Goliath Season 1
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Goliath Season 1 Torrent In the hands of a disgraced lawyer chasing after ambulances in search of new customers, a case comes that can bring him redemption, or at least an opportunity to take revenge on the firm that threw him out onto the street.

Episodes: 1-8 of 8 full added 8 episodes

• Year of manufacture: 2016
• Country: USA
• Genre: drama
• Duration: ~ 00:55:00

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Goliath Season 1 Torrent The protagonist of this series is a brilliant lawyer. Each of his affairs is always well debugged, and the evidence speaks for itself. He is simply adored by the jury, because he always speaks the right way. But what happens is that it's better to stop right away: alcohol absorbs the lawyer, and his competitor needs this. Being the best of the best in the company where he works, the man slowly began to slide down. Cases in court were no longer so successful, constant lack of sleep, poor condition, headaches and nausea prevented him from shining. As a result, he is fired. Goliath Season 1 Torrent Left without work, the man pulls himself together.

Now he chases after the fast, and offers his services to those who suffered in the accident, or suffered from the hands of a dysfunctional husband, and so on. Not a pleasant experience, but there is nowhere to go, to earn a living it is necessary, and besides our lawyer's business nothing is better. Goliath Season 1 Torrent The competitor, in turn, rejoices that he managed such an easy way to remove the best of the best from his post, without putting much effort. Goliath Season 1 Torrent But in the hands of our hero gets one very delicate matter, which can not only restore trust to him, as a good lawyer, but also help to revenge the firm for dismissal. So what is this thing, what is its content?

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