The Big Bang Theory Season 2
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Two young and talented physicists are not devoid of normal human qualities. Their cute neighbor on the landing wants to become an actress, and Leonard feels for her obvious interest. As they say, in a dispute, truth is born. Sheldon (a friend of Leonard), using all his knowledge and talents, completely denies the success of Leonard's relationship with Penny (an attractive blonde), but not so simple ...

Episodes: 1-23 of 23 full added 23 episodes

Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
Released: 2008-2009
Duration: 23 x 22 min.

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Subtitles: Russian, English

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The Big Bang Theory Season 2 Torrent In this television series, the love line and comic situations that stir up the mood perfectly intertwine. The focus is on the best friends that are different from most guys. Most of all heroes are interested in physics. The Big Bang Theory Season 2 Torrent They practically devoted all their time to this science. Friends can be called real geniuses. They are really very knowledgeable in physics and, most likely, will make a significant contribution to its development. The Big Bang Theory Season 2 Torrent Despite the fact that in this science they are real winners, heroes, professionals, in real life friends are real losers.

The main characters never had a serious relationship. Yes there is a relationship ... They are even afraid to have a conversation with a representative of the fair sex. The Big Bang Theory Season 2 Torrent There is such an opinion that physicists are simply afraid of girls. But one day their lives change dramatically. It becomes bright, saturated and unpredictable. And it all started after friends get acquainted with an attractive girl. The Big Bang Theory Season 2 Torrent She immediately liked the heroes. Their jaws dropped at the sight of this beauty. After the appearance of this heroine, the life of the guys changes. The Big Bang Theory Season 2 Torrent Now every day they are waiting for new adventures and trials. They will have to cross their principles and meet their fears. All this in order to win the heart of the girl. What of all this will happen? Watch the series "The Big Bang Theory" and find out for yourself!

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