Black Mirror Season 1
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Over the past ten years, technology has changed our lives comprehensively, before we had time to come to their senses and doubt them. In every house, on every table, on each palm - plasma TV, computer monitor, smartphone display - a black mirror of our existence in the twenty-first century. Our connection with reality is changing. We put the "Google" and "Apple" on the altar and worship them. "Facebook" -algorithms know more about us than our own parents. We have access to all the information in the world, but there is enough space in the head just to receive 140 characters from the message on Twitter. The "Black Mirror" displays a general concern for our modern world ...

Episodes: 1-3 of 3 full added 3 episodes

Year of manufacture: 2011
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: thriller, drama, comedy
Duration: 00:44:47

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With each new day we are more and more immersed in the world of modern technology. They rise above us, and the space they occupy increases every day. Black Mirror Season 1 Torrent The fascinating short series "The Black Mirror", consisting of a number of subjects that do not have any connection with each other, but which narrate about one general theme, will interest absolutely any person who has any idea what modern equipment and software is. Black Mirror Season 1 Torrent On our pages on the Internet there is a narrative about how much our world has changed in recent years, also here you can see what kind of participation in these changes the person himself took.

The project covers the last decade, which has been a period of numerous comprehensive changes accompanying human life. Black Mirror Season 1 Torrent Not every person understands how serious these changes have become and how important they have for the further development of all mankind as a whole. Practically in any modern dwelling place for a plasma panel or the most ordinary TV is allocated. Black Mirror Season 1 Torrent A computer monitor or smartphone is the realization of some kind of black mirror.

It displays human life during the twenty-first century. Black Mirror Season 1 Torrent Relentlessly there is a change in the connection, between the person himself and his reality. Before us appeared new idols, in the form of various companies-giants, like Google and Apple. Black Mirror Season 1 Torrent They are the source of the worship of the great masses of the people. Black Mirror Season 1 Torrent What if the various algorithms of modern social networks contain more information than any, even the most loving, parent.

Black Mirror Season 1 Torrent We can have access to any of the world's information, but our head can hardly cope with the number of characters that fit in twitter messages. Black Mirror Season 1 Torrent This project became a reflection of the general concern about the modern world. Black Mirror Season 1 Torrent How far did we go in the race for technical progress?

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