Ballers Season 3
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The joint project of Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg - HBO comedy drama about the life of professional football players. Ballers Season 3 Torrent They earn millions, they are prayed by the fans, they are shown on the news. But in addition to hours of training, Friday games and camera flashes, they have friends, families and, of course, problems - almost the same as those of ordinary people. With a girl to make peace - is, you know, do not touchdown.

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Year of manufacture: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Duration: ~ 00:30:00

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Spencer Strasmore - in the past, a famous and successful athlete, who had to leave the big sport for good. But instead of looking for oneself in some other non-sporting activities, or even lying down and waiting for someone to offer a job, Ballers Season 3 Torrent Spencer decides to try himself as a sports agent, That he has every chance of succeeding in a new business. Ballers Season 3 Torrent Every day I believe I have to meet new and far from always pleasant types, make compromises with my own conscience and do things that are not always to my liking. Such a complex reality of the world, in which our heroes revolve.

At the same time, other players with whom Spencer was friendly and vying, whom he knows perfectly well for the first time sees, enjoy all the attributes of fame and recognition, the rich life of sports celebrities. Ballers Season 3 Torrent Every day brings something new, as every next game can become decisive. They play to the end not only on the football field, but in life, taking from it all the best. Ballers Season 3 Torrent watch online.

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