Atypical Season 1
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The main character of this story is a young man of eighteen years old named Sam. At first glance, he gives the impression of an ordinary young man, but it's worth to look at him, as it becomes clear that he has some deviations. Namely - an autism spectrum disorder, which he is ill. Atypical Season 1 Torrent This disorder interferes with his social adaptation, it is difficult for him to build relationships with others, Sam's behavior for others may seem strange. And the guy is faced with a lot of difficulties, he is already old enough to take up the device of his personal life, and also to understand his essence, determine his purpose, become independent. Atypical Season 1 Torrent While Sam is trying to figure this out, there's not a lot less trouble, it just adds up, and it's up to the guy to solve them. The family of Sam can forget about the quiet life!

Episodes: 1-8 of 8 full added 8 episodes

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Atypical Season 1 Torrent The main character of the wonderful series is a young guy with an unusual name Sam. He was quite recently eighteen years old. In appearance, it practically does not differ from own peers and classmates. But close acquaintances unanimously say that he is mentally retarded. In the clinic, he was explained that he is an autistic, a carrier of a rare disease. Atypical Season 1 Torrent Because of the mental disorder, the young man is deprived of communication with others, he does not have real friends, for his age this is really important.

He likes a girl from the next house, but he is not ready to come up and confess his feelings. The constant fear of being abandoned stops him. Atypical Season 1 Torrent The guy faces a lot of troubles that hit him on the head. The man has already come to think about the future, about his personal life, about the future family. But the boy's thoughts are completely different. While Sam tries alone to cope with the accumulated difficulties and emotions, then they become more. And everyone asks the following question: "How to be further?" Atypical Season 1 Torrent His family comes to the aid of the boy, but unfortunately the family forgets about a good life and tries to please himself.

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