Genius Season 1
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A series about how Einstein in his youth could not get a job as a teacher, and how he came to the theory of relativity.

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Genius Season 1 Torrent Albert Einstein is known to most people on the planet, but the fame came to him already in adulthood. Genius Season 1 Torrent In his youth, no one wanted to recognize the genius of a strange guy ...

Einstein already by the age of 20 developed in himself amazing intellectual abilities, which did not impress the surrounding people at all. Genius Season 1 Torrent The guy was trying to convey to them some ideas, explain the importance of some things, but everyone was interested in typical everyday problems that are not related to science. When Albert realized the futility of instruction, he tried to find a suitable job to have income and an opportunity to engage in research. Genius Season 1 Torrent But no one was in a hurry to accept the hero even for the most simple position, considering him incapable of work and even a little ... stupid.

Genius Season 1 Torrent It was in those difficult years that Einstein formed the famous theory of relativity. He sincerely considered it to be the most important discovery that could shake the generally accepted foundations of society and become a new pillar for science. But the way of life and the banal lack of livelihood did not allow you to concentrate on your favorite business. Genius Season 1 Torrent And then Albert began to apply his knowledge to achieve simple goals: he found a job and got access to the library, where he was able to think endlessly of his ideas ...

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