Game of Thrones Season 3
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People who refused to live under the laws of the Seven Kingdoms were called wild and were banished from the Wall, guarded by the Night Watch. But the order was established to protect the world of people from a completely different power - the White Walkers, now awakened and threatening all life. The King of Wild Mans is ready to do anything to convince the Watch to let his people out of the Wall.
However, the southern lords and kings, as before, are deaf to reports of the imminent winter, the awakening of Others and the invasion of the wild. King Stannis Baratheon disappeared after the defeat at Chernovodnaya in his castle, King Beylon Greyjoy ravages the coast, King Robb loses allies, and King Joffrey, on the contrary, having two of the most influential Kingdom houses in his allies, hopes to soon break all his enemies. The third season of the Game of Thrones is set for the first half of the third volume of the Song of Ice and Flame (The sword storm).

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

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The third season of the sensational series "The Game of Thrones" included not a complete book, but only a part of it. The confrontation becomes more and more tense, and everyone wants to take as much power and land as possible, and do it not for a short time, but for good.
In the battle that took place at Game of Thrones Season 3 Torrent Download, Tyrellov's house wins with a special power.

Tayvin is building further plans to conquer the surrounding lands. He also plans to strengthen the power of his granddaughter Joffrey, in order to defeat all the rivals who have so far survived. Robb Stark intends to continue his campaign in the direction of the southern territories.

But bad news is coming from the North. And inside the army there is discord, since not everyone agrees to certain actions from the King of the North. Stanisse is not going to give up his position in front of the powerful Lanister house. He places his plans and hopes on the priestess Melisandra. In the state comes autumn, because of which John Snow hides his real intentions and tries to win the trust of the wild.

The same gather strength to attack the Night Watch and open the passage to the state. Targaryen begins to collect his own army, so he leaves in the direction of the Bay of Game of Thrones Season 3 Torrent HD. The struggle for the throne is becoming increasingly cruel, no one wants to yield to the enemy, but at the same time everyone is afraid for the safety of the already existing land. What will win: the risk and the iron throne or the relative calm that can last forever?

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