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In this singular exploration of legacy, love, loss, and the enormity of existence, a recently deceased, white-sheeted ghost returns to his suburban home to try to reconnect with his bereft wife.

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A Ghost Story (2017) Torrent The protagonist of the film is a young man who was so suddenly overtaken by death that his soul could not realize its new state. A Ghost Story (2017) Torrent Becoming a disembodied shadow, she did not have time to move to another world, but remained on earth to wander in a state of complete disregard. A Ghost Story (2017) Torrent The fact is that there are a lot of reasons for death, and no one can know how many years he is destined to live. A protracted or fleeting illness, all sorts of accidents and catastrophes, or even strange, incomprehensible circumstances-all this is a "way" to go to another world, leaving unfinished business, loved ones, unfulfilled dreams.

Ancient legends say that after the death the soul goes in search of a new body, and reincarnated into another being, begins a new life. A Ghost Story (2017) Torrent The belief of people in the existence of several lives and forms the basis of some mysterious cycle of souls, which is largely based on various religious dogmas. A Ghost Story (2017) Torrent The hero of the film died so suddenly that he got the opportunity to stay in his own house, next to the family, mourning his death. The soul of the deceased with a disembodied shadow watched what was happening in the house, remembering the events from his past life and tormented by the fact that he could not find peace. A Ghost Story (2017) Torrent Children's joys, family holidays, school weekdays, first love, a meeting with the future wife, many years of happy family life - all this stood before the eyes of the man.

A Ghost Story (2017) Torrent The memories were too fresh, that the soul of the deceased decided to leave his native home in order to find a refuge on his own and find peace. A Ghost Story (2017) Torrent Suddenly, a ghost hears crying and a voice calling him. He sees a woman crying from the loss of a loved one. A woman is on the verge of madness from grief and if she does not come to help her now, then irreparable things can happen. A Ghost Story (2017) Torrent It needs understanding and sympathy, but there is no one around who can support it at this difficult moment.

A Ghost Story (2017) Torrent Fearing what this desperate woman can do with her, the spirit decides to take measures to save her. A Ghost Story (2017) Torrent Realizing that the unhappy can not see or hear him, he decides to closely monitor what is happening in the house. A Ghost Story (2017) Torrent Who will now live in his former home, whether he will be able to intervene in time and help, and most importantly, A Ghost Story (2017) Torrent whether he will be able to understand why he received such punishment - all these questions were very worried about the ghost.

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