I, Tonya (2017)
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I, Tonya (2017) Torrent From the proverbial wrong side of the tracks in Portland, Oregon, former competitive figure skater Tonya Harding was never fully accepted in the figure skating community for not inherently being the image of grace, breeding and privilege that the community wanted to portray, despite she being naturally gifted in the sport athletically. Despite ultimately garnering some success in figure skating being national champion, a world championship medalist, an Olympian, and being the first American woman to complete a Triple Axel in competition, she is arguably best known for her association to "the incident": I, Tonya (2017) Torrent the leg bashing on January 6, 1994 of her competitor, Nancy Kerrigan, who, unlike Tonya, was everything that the figure skating community wanted in their representatives. Her association to that incident led to Tonya being banned from competitive figure skating for life. I, Tonya (2017) Torrent Tonya's story from the beginning of her figure skating life at age four to the aftermath of the incident is presented...

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The main character - Tonya Harding was in the spotlight of many scandalous situations. She managed to become a popular skater from the very beginning, but she knew full well that she could win this title. In this she was helped by some information about the conspiracy, which just gave the girl a treasured medal and a high place. The girl always liked to get into the spotlight in the loudest and scandalous situations, because she knew very well that you can only succeed in this situation. However, after her victory, she decided to suddenly tell the whole truth, which helped her win the championship in figure skating. I, Tonya (2017) Torrent The fact is that the main rival for the main character was a girl named Nancy. However, shortly before the championship, she was attacked, after which the figure skater had to go to the hospital.

Harding knew perfectly well whose hand it was, because she was directly involved in this. The main culprit was the husband of the main heroine, who organized the attack. From the very beginning, they had to break Nancy's leg, but they only managed to hit her hard. However, the girl still went to the hospital. This helped Tony win the championship and get the coveted medal. After the scandalous recognition of the committee, I, Tonya (2017) Torrent the main character began to have serious problems, but she does not represent her life without them.

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